How to Build Your own Sunglo Greenhouse

Combined with dedicated customer care that only a small, made in the USA manufacturer can provide, our instructional DVD makes assembling your new greenhouse super easy.

US madeOne of the greatest initial benefits of our greenhouse kits is the instructional DVD that is included with them. Anyone who has ever tried to follow an assembly manual knows that even the best of them can leave you feeling frustrated and confused. Imagine if the next time you purchased some furniture that required assembly you could watch a video of someone putting it together instead.

Running with this idea, we decided to have two of our best builders of all time play leading roles in our comprehensive assembly video. You not only get the benefit of  visual demonstration, but they also pass on many of the insider tips and tricks that they have learned throughout their decades of experience.

You can watch a shortened version of the video on youtube by clicking the link below. It has been posted in five edited segments due to size constraints, but still demonstrates how informative the video is. With an overall run time of over an hour the full length video goes into great detail when demonstrating the assembly of your new greenhouse.

Sunglo Freestanding Greenhouse Instructional Video

You can also purchase a copy of the full length DVD for $5.99 by calling our customer service team at 800-647-0606.

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