Sunglo Greenhouse Accessories and Parts

Sunglo carries a wide range of accessories and Sunglo parts. We now offer complete packages that include all the items you’ll need to have your greenhouse up running and at a discounted price! For a complete accessory and parts catalog please e-mail us at with your request or call our 800 number below.

Here are a few items that are included in our greenhouse packages:


sunglo greenhouse accessories and parts
Benches and lighting: 30″ x 30″ cedar benches, 30″ x 12″ cedar shelves and fluorescent light fixture with 2 T8 bulbs and hanging hardware


sunglo greenhouse accessories and parts
Light kit: Moisture resistant light timer and fluorescent light fixture – Pictured above


Sunglo greenhouse accessories and parts
Irrigation kit: Coil hose, water wand and drip watering kit


sunglo greenhouse accessories and producta
Shade Cloth: A custom cut shade cloth to fit your Sunglo, 74% gradient polypropylene with grommet holes.

Sunglo Greenhouses offers DIY greenhouse kits in free-standing and lean-to sizes. We also carry greenhouse accessories and Sunglo parts. Our warehouse is open M-F from 8am to 4pm to assist you in ordering parts. You can contact our sales office at 1-800-647-0606 for questions or to place orders.


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