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Zone 7 Gardening – The Forgotten Gems

Here in Kent Washington our gardening or hardiness zone is 7. Zone 7 spreads from California to Georgia. If you have heard of gardening zones you know exactly what I’m talking about. But just in case…. Gardening zones, also known as hardiness zones, were set by the USDA so gardeners could compare their local climate with the recommended climate of different plants. Now isn’t that awesome? To find your gardening zone click here.

Here are some beautiful, over looked plants that us “7’s” should bring back out into the world! Planting these gems in your garden will have your friends oohing and awing with jealousy!

zone 7 gardening - blackberry lily

Blackberry Lily

This gorgeous uncommon perennial is grown for its unusual black berries that form in clusters when its seedpods split open in fall. They are breath taking when you see them in a garden and are a beautiful addition to any flower arrangement. These fiery beauties will make your garden the best on the block!


zone 7 gardening - milkweed

Milkweed – Antelope Horns

This strange, light, beautiful perennial got its name from its tiny horn like petals. It is a strain of trailing milkweed. The bright clusters of odd shapes will keep your garden interesting and give it a unique advantage. Antelope horns attract butterflies and are good flowers for drying.


zone 7 gardening - astible glowAstible – Glow

Another perennial that is rarely seen. Gorgeous dark red buds open to reveal lush red flowers with glowing features. This flower will really stand out in your garden. Astilbe Glow attracts hummingbirds and butterflies but it is also deer resistant. It does enjoy shade so pile them under your awning and wait for the inspired response of onlookers.


zone 7 gardening - spiked ginger lily

Spiked Ginger Lily

This exotic plant does wonderfully in zone 7. It is rare to actually see it planted in our zone but it does great in our climate and what an addition it would make to any garden. The flowers range from white to orange with a fragrance of sweet tropical bliss. The ginger lily blooms in late summer just in time to add some color to your fall garden.


There are so many more flowers and plants that are over looked. But what an adventure it would be to bring back some of the great ones! I hope this post inspires you to do some hunting of your own and add to your garden.