Keukenhof Garden

Keukenhof Garden Display


Sunglo welcomes our new general Manager Henri, who recently visited his home country the Netherlands and took some amazing photographs of the magical Keukenhof garden for us to display.


Keukenhof garden. The world’s second largest flower garden following the Dubai miracle garden is a stunning display of flowers located in Lisse, a small town in P1000718South Holland. It is also called the Garden of Europe. The garden designs and flower combinations will leave you in awe.

Rows of colorful foliage and delicate spring blooms are beautifully placed along pathways for guests to roam. The bulbs are donated by the large local growers, who only display the finest of the crop, with a plack or sign showing off their hard work.


A wide range of flowers are used in the outdoor designs from lavender to tulips and daffodils to daisies. This magical dutch garden is definitely a sight for “green eyes” to see. Approximately 30 gardeners help design the land to a landscape architects plans. Every year the design changes. Keukenhof is open annually from March to May. After the prime visiting season the bulbs and flowers are actually thrown out.


To see the collection of pictures Henri took click here.


To plan your trip to Keukenhof visit their website.