2100 Series DIY Greenhouse Kits

 Sunglo Greenhouses 2100 Series DIY greenhouse kits are 15' 3" wide with your choice of length up to 100'. They can be placed directly on the ground, on a knee-wall or you can customize your own foundation design. Sunglo offers a foundation guide to get you started.

2100 Sunglo Greenhouse

The 2100 models are the largest width we offer. Lots of extra space for customization of benches or raised beds. These sizes are ideal for commercial use or for schools and restaurants. Double door option available on both gable ends and lengths up to 100'!

2100 with double doors

Sunglo greenhouses can be outfitted with additional bracing and supports for any snow load! They are designed to stand through high winds and snow storms.

greenhouse snow load

2100 on raised foundation with double doors

Kubetz11 2100G

Create the garden of your dreams with a Sunglo 2100 model. Start a business selling your favorite plants. Or teach your community about growing. Sunglo's can be customized for any purpose.

2100 on raised foundation with double doors - Customer garden

Seattle U
220V Power Panel

220V power panel

 Sunglo offers basic greenhouse kits that include the structure, Schaefer brand ventilation system with controls and 1 door. Or we offer full package greenhouse kits that include benches, shelves, lighting, heating etc. Accessories are optional, so you can choose what suits you and your budget.

2100 on raised concrete foundation

w/ half benches and soil trays - Customized accessories

Sunglo provides different customization options as well. If there is a specific size or design you are looking for please contact us with your request and we will do our best to accommodate for your needs. To request a catalog, manual or quote please contact us at 800-647-0606.

Summit 2100G

2100 on raised foundation with 1 door

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