8 Series – 8×10

$4,675.00 + shipping & handling

8 Series – 8×12

$5,325.00 + shipping & handling

10 Series – 10×12

$5,895.00 + shipping & handling

10 Series – 10×15

$6,562.00 + shipping & handling


4 Season Growing

Looking for fresh vegetables “backyard to table” year-round, even in the coldest winters? Then Sunglo is your greenhouse.

Compare us to the competition:

  • Our thicker 2 layer wall is a better insulating and a more durable wall, our wall is 1.375″ vs typical competitor’s  .5″ thick wall.
  • Exclusively offering the GAHT® Lite system that uses the sun to passively heat the plant roots in the winter to lower your greenhouse heating bill.

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Superior Plant Growth

Not all greenhouses allow plants to grow evenly across the whole space in maximum light.

Sunglo uses an exclusive 2 layer acrylic panel system, one for exterior protection and 1 corrugated for even light distribution. Acrylic lets in 10%+ more light than the typical polycarbonate panels.


Extreme Durability

Sunglo was designed by Boeing engineers over 40 yrs ago to withstand the harshest weather (ask our customers in Alaska).

The durability of our USA made 2 layer acrylic panel (you can add an optional 3rd layer of acrylic) coupled with the top grade – aluminum frame and you have what we believe is the most durable greenhouse available. 40+ yrs of happy customers agree.


45 Years of History in the USA

In production since 1976 and many original greenhouses are still around. A Sunglo Greenhouse is an investment in your family’s health and well being for a lifetime.

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Boulder, CO


Littleton, CO


Englewood, CO

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