Top 5 Easiest Indoor Plants

Easiest Indoor Plants – For Real!

Easiest Indoor plants

Don’t be frightened! If you have a brown thumb these are the plants even you can grow! And from personal experience you really can depend on these plants to thrive in your home. Whether you have never touched a plant in your life or just want some life in your.. well life.. these are the easiest and most low maintenance plants out there! As long as you have a window sill or area in your living room that gets some sun these are plants that will give you years of enjoyment. And take it from me because these are my plants – I’ve had them for years!

Succulents & Cacti

SucculentsSucculents: These beautiful wide ranging plants are very easy to care for and with a wide variety of colors and sizes you can find something to match your decor and state of mind! My little plant (left) has been sitting on my office desk for months now. It came already planted in the stylish round pot. I’ve Cactiwatered it once every week or so. It’s loving the warm indoor temp and sun it gets from my office window. Look for Aloe, Echeveria, and Rosularia for starters. If you need help identifying a succulent visit this site for aCacti Succulent Identifier. Cacti: I know Cacti is a broad term but most of them do very well indoors because they like the warmth and need very little water. I tend to go for the spiky, scary looking ones because they create contrast with the other leafy soft plants we have here in the Sunglo office. As you can see (left and right spiky plants) they are still in their original trays from the nursery but I will be planting them in a container with some succulents to give it more pop!


Easy indoor plants

Stalks of bamboo can be purchased at a wide range of stores. I have seen them in grocery stores in the garden section, little trinket stores at the mall or in the oriental mall we have down the street here in Kent, WA. The stalks come in sizes ranging from a few inches to taller than your tallest cousin. I opted for a medium size of just under 2′ and that’s not counting the foliage that grows out of the top. They can be placed in any kind of container just as long as you keep it 1/3 full of water. Rocks or gems in a clear vase or container give it that extra pizazz. My bamboo has been sitting in the same container for 2 years. I just check the water every month to make sure there is enough. You can find pre made bamboo containers at certain stores that include a tray and rocks and sometimes the bamboo is curled or shaped into a pretty design.

Areca Palm

Areca PalmThis little tropical plant makes a big statement. It can grow to about 7′ tall if you give it the room to. When I bought this little Areca palmguy he was about 2″ shorter and in a smaller pot. I upgraded to a larger pretty yellow pot and he has grown since. It grows individual stalks that long skinny leaves shoot out of. That’s where it gets the “palm” in its name. The individual stalks are unique and this plant makes a great statement when placed in the right spot. It definitely catches your eye. I will be re-potting him into a larger pot soon, I would love to have it grow to 7′ 🙂

Rubber Tree

Rubber treeThis plant can turn into a large tree over time. They have been known to grow to over 7′ tall and they really make a statement with their bright green foliage. I purchased two plants and re-potted them in larger pots immediately after I got them home. They are both due for an even larger pot now! They do well in a variety of climates but indoors 60-70 degrees is best. With little watering and nothing to prune or cut off the rubber tree makes for a great easy indoor plant!



PhilodendronThere are probably hundreds of varieties of Philodendron but most of them have one in thing in common.. they just keep growing! I think they resemble a large ivy. You can grow them so they hang down over doorways or loop around your ceiling for a rainforest affect. This plant (right) came from my boyfriend’s (hopefully fiance soon!) mother’s house. She has had her Philodendron for over 20 years! It wraps around their living room ceiling and hangs over their fire place. These plants need little watering and do enjoy filtered light just like the rest of our easy indoor plants!



With a little love – very little! – you can grow any of these plants! If you just remember every few weeks to check the soil for moisture and give them a few hours of light everyday/every other day they will grow and prosper and you will have a better quality of life! Everyone should have at least one plant in their home and office. Being close to nature calms us and brings us down to earth – and sometimes that’s just what we need!

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