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Orchid care for beginners video

Orchid care

I have recently become an orchid enthusiast. We have filled up our small display greenhouse with 9 orchids so far and they are piling up! There is so much information online about orchid care it can get confusing! And each species requires different lighting, temps and care. But I found this great YouTube video series for orchid beginners. It covers everything from watering to re potting and even disease. I have been researching orchid care for months now and this video host is very knowledgeable and fun to watch! Watch a few posts and you wont be sorry! I sure am happy I found this! Press link below for series.

Basic Orchid Care for Beginners

Orchid Photo Contest

PhaleonopsisI found out something exciting from one of our favorite customers over the years here at Sunglo. Just Add Ice Orchids is having a photo contest!

Barbara has purchased 2 greenhouses from us over the last twenty years to shelter the hundreds of orchids she has collected. Walking into her greenhouse is like taking a hike through a tropical rainforest with orchid blooms of all shapes and colors filling every inch of space.

I know many of our customers share Babara’s passion so I have provided a link to an NBC news article about the contest below. Your picture could win you a new Nikon D3100 camera.

Just Add Ice Photo Contest