The GAHT® (ground to air heat transfer) System in our Winter Package is a patented solution (patent is owned by CERES Greenhouse Solutions) that stores passive solar heat in a greenhouses’ soil in the winter and cold swing months (Oct/Nov/March/April), acting like an earth battery.  Sunglo has exclusive rights to use this technology for residential greenhouse kits in our Winter Package.

It works by taking the free heat generated by the sun inside the greenhouse on even the coldest days and bringing that heated air into the soil in the raised bed of the greenhouse during the day using a thermostat-controlled small 3W fan and irrigation piping that is buried in the raised bed soil to efficiently distribute the heat. This stored heat then rises up through the soil at night to keep the plant roots warm, and slowly the whole greenhouse gets back this heat to minimize the need for a secondary backup heater and the energy costs associated with using that heater.  Most importantly, happy plants love the soil to be warm, so even if you are normally not a raised bed gardener you should consider the benefits of using the raised bed when using a Sunglo with a GAHT Lite installed.

For the Sunglo greenhouses’, GAHT® Lite comes with the Winter Package that you will see details of on a greenhouse kits detail page.  The GAHT® Lite’s piping is installed in a U-shaped raised bed (see graphic) so no significant digging is required.  GAHT® Lite will help the greenhouse stay warm in the winter at a lower cost than a greenhouse without a GAHT® system. Actual results will vary by location, amount of winter sun, temperature’s your winter plants require, etc…

As mentioned, even a GAHT® heated greenhouse requires a backup heater for those extremely cold days with minimal sun. The backup heater we include with the winter package for a Sunglo Greenhouse is a thermostat controlled Infrared Heater. This unique heater heats the plants, not the air, so it is much more efficient than a standard electric heater that needs to heat the air of the whole greenhouse and much safer than a heater that burns propane, kerosene, etc…

See photos of our Winter Package with the GAHT Lite in our Gallery

As you see, no other backyard greenhouse compares to a Sunglo.

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