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Yes, the new owners of Sunglo are trying to get all the parts needed to start selling greenhouses again and are finding lead times for parts ranging from 2-4 months. This means there will be a significant delay before the selling of a full greenhouse kit can begin. To get on our sales list please sign up on our Contact Us page and you will get notified of our current status. You can also pre-order a greenhouse for a small amount down that is refundable which will move you to the high priority list so you will get the first greenhouses available. Go to the Greenhouse Kits page and select your model then the Pre-Order button to start that process. Thanks for your understanding.

You will get all the parts needed to build a Sunglo Greenhouse, even the fasteners. The building process requires assembly and small tool skills. Some of the tools are even included like a riveting tool.

For Accessories/Parts:

For accessories/parts, Sunglo uses standard shipping methods like UPS and Fedex.  At time of checkout the customer will have a choice of methods when applicable, based on shipping time and costs.  For bulky and long parts the shipping method will automatically be adjusted to a method that can handle the size constraints.  Accessories/parts will typically ship within 2 business days after the order has been placed.  All shipping charges come directly from the shipping company with an additional handling fee added.

For greenhouse kits:

For greenhouse kits, Sunglo will exclusively use LTL Freight Companies that can specifically handle the higher weights and sizes of the kit, no alternative shipping methods will be offered.  Kits will arrive on oversize pallets (a typical pallet is 48″ x 96″) and will be delivered to the destination at the easiest location the truck can reach.

The greenhouse kit will typically ship within 7 business days after the order has been placed.  All shipping charges come directly from the shipping company with an additional handling fee added.

You will need:

  • a quality drill (cordless is best),
  • drill bits (provided by Sunglo),
  • framing level 4′ or longer,
  • framing square,
  • vise grip pliers,
  • phillip’s screw driver / drill bit,
  • rubber mallet,
  • sharp utility knife for scoring acrylic,
  • riveting tool (provided by Sunglo),
  • caulking gun & silicon caulk
  • saw for creating of wood foundation,
  • other tools unique per site.

Our panels are made from 100% acrylic resin which is inherently resistant to UV degradation.  100% acrylic is the product of choice for high intensity UV exposures.  Lower quality greenhouses use polycarbonate which is not very UV resistant and requires a UV coating which over time begins to wear off (8-10yrs) because it is a two-layered system, causing brittleness and yellowing.  Because acrylic is extremely UV resistant by itself, no coating is needed which ensures higher quality, long term performance.