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Sunglo is proud to partner with Klarna, a leading finance company, to offer 24 mos financing to all our greenhouse customers. Simply click the Klarna button when you are checking out, and after filling in basic info, Klarna will let you know if you qualify and an estimate of the interest rate and monthly payment. Some folks will even be offered 0% interest. If that looks good, then you fill out an online credit application in 5 minutes. If the credit application is approved you will own a Sunglo Greenhouse for reasonable monthly payments. Don’t let the initial cash outlay stop you from owning a Sunglo, take 5 minutes to check out the Klarna financing option.

Understanding How To Increase Your Approval Chances For Klarna

If you don’t get approved by Klarna, we suggest you look for local sources of financing like your bank.  Or try to get the limit on your existing credit card raised.  We also offer eCheck which transfers the money directly from your checking account with no added fees, by far the best option if your bank account is rich enough.

You will get all the parts needed to build a Sunglo Greenhouse, even the fasteners. The building process requires assembly and small tool skills. Some of the tools are even included like a riveting tool.

For Accessories/Parts:

For accessories/parts, Sunglo uses standard shipping methods like UPS and Fedex.  At time of checkout the customer will have a choice of methods when applicable, based on shipping time and costs.  For bulky and long parts the shipping method will automatically be adjusted to a method that can handle the size constraints.  Accessories/parts will typically ship within 2 business days after the order has been placed.  All shipping charges come directly from the shipping company with an additional handling fee added.

For greenhouse kits:

For greenhouse kits, Sunglo will exclusively use LTL Freight Companies that can specifically handle the higher weights (500 lbs+) and sizes of the kit, no alternative shipping methods will be offered.  Kits will arrive on oversize pallets (a typical pallet is 48″ x 96″) and will be delivered to the destination at the easiest location the truck can reach.  These companies will not move the greenhouse far from where the truck can easily get to, for instance like into your backyard.  Make plans for moving the materials to where the greenhouse will be on your own.

The greenhouse kit will typically ship within 7 business days after the order has been placed.  All shipping charges come directly from the shipping company at the time of checkout with a small additional handling fee added, nothing more.  We apologize in advance for the high cost of shipping.

For some perspective consider that Sunglo’s last 30+ years so the shipping costs will have a good return on investment.

Sunglo Greenhouses selected Acrylic instead of polycarbonate (what everyone else uses) over 40 years ago for the following reasons:

  • It can be easily custom formed to a corrugated shape to meet Sunglo specifications which are:
    • A corrugated profile provides maximum light dispersion across every part of the greenhouse so plants grow great no matter where they are located (watch the light transmittal test video on gallery page).
    • A corrugated profile is thicker (1.37”) for a higher R value (a higher R value means it can better keep out the winter cold or summer heat) and better stiffness for durability. Polycarbonate panels are typically .25” to .625” thick.
  • It can be 2 layers:
    • One outside layer that is a single sheet .057” thick for flexibility, impact resistance, and ease of replacement if it ever gets damaged by mother nature.  Our acrylic has an additive to make it even more durable and flexible.
    • One inner corrugated layer for R value, light dispersion, and durability.
    • An optional 3rd inner layer offered in our Winter Package that nearly doubles the R value to 4.5+.
  • Acrylic has a built-in ability to resist UV damage which is the reason all plastic eventually gets brittle and yellows in the direct sun. This built-in capability will last longer than Polycarbonate which uses a coating that wears off (typically within 10 yrs), thus adding years to your Sunglo Greenhouse panels life.
    • This UV protection has proven to be true, as some Sunglo Greenhouses built in the 1990’s still have their original acrylic panels.
  • Technical specs show Acrylic lets in 10% more light that plants need than double wall Polycarbonate (90% vs 80%), and the number increases to 14%+ more light from acrylic when comparing to triple wall Polycarbonate (90% vs 76%, some triple wall sheets have as little as 35% light transmittal).  Greenhouse owners growing premium crops have chosen acrylic for years for these same reasons.  Better light means higher quality crops, a proven fact.

Do your home work and see for yourself the clear acrylic advantage.

“I have owned my Sunglo for over 25 years and the acrylic has not yellowed and still looks brand new!”  – Washington, Sunglo Customer

Steel Frame vs. Aluminum Frame

Which is best for a Greenhouse?

The two most popular materials for greenhouse frames are galvanized steel and aluminum.  Given that greenhouses are a very moist environment year-round and can be hit by major winds and deep snows the selection of your frame material is critical to determining how long your greenhouse will last.  Wood of course should never be considered given moisture and wood do not mix well, so you will be in a constant state of maintenance.

Sunglo Greenhouses has been using an aluminum frame for over 40 years for the following reasons:

  • Aluminum can not rust so it does need any extra coatings, paint, etc…
    • A steel frame must by galvanized to prevent rust but the galvanized coating will eventually fail and then the frame will rust. How long before failure is dependent on the location (coastal sea air for example is bad), exposure to acid rain, moisture levels above 60% (typical in a greenhouse), damage to coating, etc…
  • Aluminum can be extruded into any shape to maximize its strength per weight ratio.
    • The profiles of the Sunglo greenhouse were designed by Boeing Engineers who know a thing or two about making strong aluminum structures, think commercial jets. Keep that in mind when a competitor claims aluminum is not very strong.
    • The Sunglo frame is riveted together just like commercial jets, rivets tend to hold better than screws which can loosen over time.
    • Sunglo only uses 6063 – T5 aluminum
  • Aluminum weighs much less than steel to lower shipping costs and allow for easier moving of the greenhouse in the future.
    • Many of our customers have literally picked up their Sunglo Greenhouse (with help from friends), loaded it on a trailer, and brought it with them to their new location.
  • Aluminum does not degrade from exposure to the sun and its damaging UV waves.

Sunglo greenhouses that were sold 40+ years ago are still showing no signs of frame failure and holding up to the highest wind and snow loads in places like Alaska, Minnesota, Montana and many other extreme weather states.  Based on 40 yrs. of evidence we believe Sunglo Greenhouses are the most durable on the market and the aluminum frame is one of the main reasons why.

You will need:

  • a quality drill (cordless is best),
  • drill bits (provided by Sunglo),
  • framing level 4′ or longer,
  • framing square,
  • vise grip pliers,
  • phillip’s screw driver / drill bit,
  • rubber mallet,
  • sharp utility knife for scoring acrylic,
  • riveting tool (provided by Sunglo),
  • caulking gun & silicon caulk
  • saw for creating of wood foundation,
  • other tools unique per site.

Both mechanical exhaust fans and passive vents (same as natural ventilation) can help ventilate a greenhouse, but there are some key differences in their benefits:

Benefits of a Mechanical Exhaust Fan:

  • More precise control: With a mechanical exhaust fan, you have precise control over the amount of air being moved in and out of the greenhouse and it turns on via a thermostat so you have direct control over the internal greenhouse temperature desired.  This can help maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels, which is especially important for more delicate plants.  Mechanical exhaust fans are always paired with an active intake louver that opens when the fan turns on.
  • Faster ventilation: Mechanical exhaust fans can quickly and efficiently remove hot air and excess moisture, reducing the risk of plant damage due to overheating or mold growth.  Passive venting is completely tied to the current wind and if there is no wind there will be minimal venting.
  • Greater efficiency: While mechanical exhaust fans use electricity to operate, they can be more efficient than relying on natural ventilation alone, especially in areas with inconsistent or low wind speeds.