Bringing the best of 45 years of experience to the latest 4 season growing technologies.

Sunglo greenhouses have been around for over 45 years.

Sunglo customers are in every part of the USA and Canada and have seen and survived every kind of weather imaginable.  Sunglo is now under new ownership and they are committed to keeping the quality and durability that made Sunglo one of a kind and adding new features that take the 4 season growing performance to new levels.

The new owners – 15 yr Greenhouse Pros

The new owners of Sunglo (the founders of CERES Greenhouse Solutions), have been leaders on how to grow efficiently year round in greenhouses for over 15 years.  They now have greenhouses around the world leveraging their solar storage technologies, including major commercial greenhouses worth millions of dollars.

Sunglo can now bring like technologies to an affordable backyard greenhouse product, called GAHT® Lite (GAHT® is a registered trademark of CERES Greenhouse Solutions). Allowing you to cost effectively have fresh vegetables year round so you can control the quality of your families produce in every season, backyard to table.

Listen to the impact a Sunglo Greenhouse has on your quality of life.

Fresh vegetables from your backyard to your table


Thicker walls and state-of-the-art technology allows you to bring fresh vegetables to your table year round.


Sunglo uses a 2 layer acyrlic panel system allowing plants to grow evenly across the whole space.


Sunglo was designed by Boeing engineers over 30 years ago to withstand the harshest weather conditions.


In production since 1976, many of our original greenhouses are still around to this day.