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What is GAHT® Lite Technology? Learn how it enables Year-Round Affordable Gardening

Sunglo Greenhouses, a leading innovator in the residential greenhouse industry, is proud to feature the revolutionary GAHT® Lite (Ground-To-Air-Heat- Transfer System) technology, offering gardening enthusiasts the unprecedented ability to cultivate their green thumb year-round without breaking the bank. A Sunglo Greenhouse offers year-round affordable gardening with exclusive GAHT® Lite technology.

True year-round gardening often faces limitations due to seasonal changes, lack of well-built and well-insulated greenhouse options, and prohibitive costs associated with greenhouse heating.  All these factors make year-round gardening economically unfeasible for most areas that experience freezing winter temperatures.  However, Sunglo Greenhouses’ GAHT® Lite technology aims to overcome these challenges by providing an affordable and efficient solution for year-round gardening.

The exclusive GAHT® Lite feature, incorporates patented earth battery design to create an optimal environment for plants, regardless of the external weather conditions.

Sunglo Greenhouse Raised beds with GAHT® Lite piping
Sunglo Greenhouse GAHT® Lite is being installed inside the included raised gardening beds

Some key highlights of the GAHT® Lite technology include:

Unparalleled Insulation: A Sunglo Greenhouse is engineered with a 2-3 layer acrylic wall that efficiently retains heat during colder months, ensuring a stable and warm environment for plants to thrive.

  1. Precision Ventilation: Regulating temperature and humidity levels is crucial for successful greenhouse gardening. A Sunglo Greenhouse comes equipped with mechanical ventilation that actively maintains the perfect balance for plant growth throughout the year including the warm summer months.
  2. Efficient heating: The GAHT® Lite system takes the heat generated during a sunny day in the greenhouse and actively pulls that heat into the raised beds soil in the greenhouse.  The warm soil is exactly what the plants want in the winter and it helps keeps the whole greenhouse warm at night minimizing winter energy costs.  Plants flourish in this environment providing fresh vegetables, herbs, and hobby plants in the winter and late fall and early spring months when gardening outside is typically not feasible because of frost.

Sunglo Greenhouses’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as industry leaders in residential greenhouses for over 40+ years. By introducing the GAHT® Lite technology, the company is empowering gardeners of all skill levels to extend their growing season, cultivate diverse plants, and indulge in the joys of gardening throughout the year while reducing heating costs.

“We are thrilled to present the GAHT® Lite technology, a game-changer in the world of residential greenhouse gardening,” said Mark Kostovny, President at Sunglo Greenhouses. “With this cutting-edge feature, we believe gardening enthusiasts can explore new gardening horizons, experiment with different crops, and experience the joys of tending to their plants all year round, while also making it an affordable and sustainable venture.”

To learn more about the Sunglo exclusive GAHT® Lite technology, go directly to the GAHT® Lite product page.

To speak with a Sunglo Owner who has experience growing in a Sunglo Greenhouse with a GAHT® Lite call  720-443-6761.

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