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What does Superior Greenhouse Growth look like?

two pictures showing the amazing plant growth in one month with a winter sunglo greenhouse

10x 15 Greenhouse Case Study

With a Sunglo Greenhouse, you can expect superior growth year-round.  A Sunglo Greenhouse owner shares their experience growing food in Colorado.

Living the Sunglo Life

We set up our Series-10 (10’x15′) Sunglo Greenhouse Kit with the Winter Package option on April 2023.

The Winter Package, exclusive to Sunglo, is for those gardeners that want to take year-round gardening seriously. It allows you to minimize the cost of running a heater in the winter by increasing the R-value of the greenhouse walls with an additional acrylic layer and incorporating patented geothermal technology called GAHT® (Ground-To-Air-Heat-Transfer System) Lite.   Check out our Blog we did on Geothermal Heating for greenhouses.  The Winter Package includes everything you need to make year-round gardening a reality, even in the coldest climates. In spite of our snowy Rocky Mountain Spring and 20F-degree evenings, I planted a bunch of seedlings on April 14th into the raised beds with the GAHT® Lite. What has transpired since then is truly amazing. It is so exciting that I have to tell you about it!

Zucchini grown inside a 10’x15′ Sunglo Greenhouse with Winter Package in April 14th, 2023

In less than a month’s time, I have harvested pounds of lettuce, kale, arugula, and spinach. I am weeks away from I harvesting cucumbers (with more to come), a bunch of snow peas, hot habanero peppers, and cut flowers that I plan to share with my daughters and neighbors. By next week, I will cut broccoli, pick some cherry tomatoes, and 5 zucchini. My basil is so lush and ready for making pesto.

Tomato grown inside a Sunglo Greenhouse in April. Colorado.

For years I have also grown year-round inside my 8×10 Sunglo Greenhouse without the Winter Package. I did not see the same growth rates as I am experiencing in my 10×15 with the Winter Package. The GAHT® Lite system is definitely keeping the soil warmer in the raised beds, which keeps my greenhouse at a consistent temperature This is evident by the amazing growth of my plants in such a short time. Warm roots are happy roots.

10'x15' Sunglo Greenhouse with Winter Package in April 2023

10’x15′ Sunglo Greenhouse with Winter Package in April 14th, 2023

I have some dwarf fruit trees and a hydroponic tower in the middle of my Sunglo, as you can see in the picture. I am growing lemons, limes, olives, red grapefruit and figs, and all sorts of herbs in the tower.

On the shelves and hanging from the roof, I have pots of flowers (amaranth, sunflowers, begonias, geraniums, petunias) ready to be brought outside once the weather gets better. All of these plants are growing so well despite the cold and wet Colorado weather we have been experiencing.

You can expect Superior Growth inside a Sunglo Greenhouse 10’x15′ with Winter Package. May 3rd, 2023 Colorado.

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is a wonderful way to live. The Sunglo Greenhouse allows me to garden all year round. I love living the Sunglo life.

Take your growing to a new level with Sunglo Greenhouse.   Best greenhouse for cold climates!

To speak with a Sunglo Owner who has experience growing in a Sunglo Greenhouse call  720-443-6711.


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